Motorized Bicycle

Motorized Bicycle

Motorized Bicycle – A motorized bicycle, motorbike, or cycle motor is a bike with an attached motor and transmission used either to power the bike unassisted, or to assist with pedaling.  Since it always retains both pedals and a discrete connected drive for rider-powered propulsion, the motorized bicycle is in technical terms a true bicycle, albeit a power-assisted one.  However, for purposes of licensing and registration requirements, the type may be legally defined as a motor vehicle, motorcycle, moped, or a separate class of hybrid vehicle.

A motorized bicycle has an attached motor to facilitate the operation of the bike.  Some motorized bikes are intended to be used without pedaling, while other types allow you to use both the pedals and the motor during a trek.  A motorized bicycle has multiple advantages whether it is powered by gas or by electric via a rechargeable battery.

One of the greatest advantages of a motorized bicycle is the ability to choose how much you want to pedal on your own versus how much you want the bike’s motor to work for you.  This can be especially helpful when travelling long distances because you have the motor as a backup; you can travel much further and faster than with a traditional bike.

You will be able find either a prebuilt model or purchase a kit to build your own motorized bicycle.

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