Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle Helmet
Bicycle Helmets
– In the event of a fall, bicycle helmets will protect your head and chances are pretty high that you will fall off a bike and hit your head on the ground at some point or another.  Here’s the steps for proper sizing:

Look for bicycle helmets with a “CPSC” (Consumer Product Safety Commission) sticker. This means that the helmet meets the standards set by the CPSC for safety.

Look at the bicycle helmets design and select a smooth shell.  Avoid the “Aero” design because the tail could knock the helmet off in a fall.  Avoid too many vents because there’s less protection, however, some vents are necessary for coolness.  Look for large vents in the front of the helmet and a band for sweat control.

Inspect the bicycle helmets.  Narrow chin straps are not as comfortable as wider straps.  Pick brightly-colored or white bicycle helmets that motorists can easily spot in traffic.  While visors can help shield your eyes from the sun, they can shatter in a fall from your bike.

Try the bicycle helmets on your head.  Make sure it sits level on your head and it should touch all the way around and be comfortable but not snug.  It should not move more than one inch if pushed in any direction, side to side and front to back.  Ensure that the chin strap makes a V-shape around both of your ears and tighten the straps so it doesn’t wobble on your head.  Buckle the chin strap and try to take it off.  They should not come off, no matter how much twisting or pulling you do to the bicycle helmets.


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