Biking Apparel

Biking Apparel

Biking Apparel – Comfortable biking apparel makes for a comfortable ride—whether you’re on the road, hitting the trail or commuting to and from work.  The right biking apparel can help you perform better, ride longer or simply enjoy the world from two wheels.

Jerseys:  Cycling Jerseys are made of spandex or other form fitting materials to reduce drag when you ride.  However, this doesn’t mean that you will need to squeeze yourself into a skin tight top covered in corporate logos when selecting this biking apparel.

Shorts: Cycling shorts are distinguished from street clothing primarily by the added stretch for full freedom of movement and a padded crotch liner to reduce friction and wick moisture.  When selecting this biking apparel, there are cycle specific shorts for road and mountain bikes, and there are bib shorts and skorts.

Shoes: Compared to typical athletic shoes, cycling shoes are designed with stiffer soles to provide more efficient energy transfer as you pedal.  This biking apparel is designed to protect your feet while riding and support the full length of your feet to reduce cramping and fatigue.

Socks: When shopping for this biking apparel, consider that your feet can produce as much as a cup of perspiration when you’re pedaling hard.  In winter, this can lead to cold feet.  In summer, it can mean blisters unless you wear synthetic or merino wool socks that help wick the perspiration away.  Avoid cotton socks for all but light workouts. When selecting this biking apparel, consider that wool is a surprisingly good alternative to socks made out of synthetic materials (such as polyester or polypropylene) for summer or winter riding.  It is not only wicking, quick-drying (for the summer) and insulating (for the winter), but it does an exceptional job of insulating while wet, which makes this biking apparel perfect for those who enjoy the occasional stream crossing or unexpected rainstorm.

Jackets: The top two considerations when selecting this biking apparel are warmth and water resistance.  Some cycling jackets will do both, but it is good to keep mind – don’t overdress because you’ll warm up from exertion during your ride.  This biking apparel will protect you against the wind and offer some insulation, mostly in the front and arms of the garment.  For rainy days, you’ll want a water proof cycling jackets which provides a longer back and sleeves cut for a forward lean.  Certain styles of this biking apparel offer an over sized hood that fits over a helmet and while these often offer less insulation (which can be offset by layering) and are less breathable than other jackets, but what’s important is that this biking apparel will keep you dry if you’re caught on a long, wet ride.

Helmets: Bicycle helmets will protect your head in the event of a fall., however, proper sizing of this biking apparel is paramount to your safety.

Gloves: In selecting this biking apparel, a popular choice in the summer are gloves with
short-cut fingers
 which incorporate a padded leather or synthetic-leather palm and moisture-absorbing terry cloth.  For winter use, you should consider winter gloves 
that provide wind proof, water resistance and thermal protection.  For maximum warmth with this biking apparel, consider using a thin liner inside the glove.

Sunglasses: This biking apparel will protect your eyes against wind, sun glare, bugs and sand or grit kicked up by other riders or cars.  Always use plastic lenses that cannot shatter on impact.  Many sunglass manufacturers also offer styles with interchangeable lenses, featuring different colorations to match the light conditions.  This biking apparel is ideal for those who prefer one pair of glasses for all seasons. Also, be sure to try on the glasses with your helmet on for a good fit when selecting this biking apparel.


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