Cycle Bike Parts

Cycle Bike Parts

Bicycle TiresCycle Bike Parts – Whether you’re building a new bike or upgrading your old bike, the Sportsman’s Guide will provide you with the information and product links to assist you in your selection of the best cycle bike parts for the job.

Brakes – Bike brakes are absolutely critical for a safe ride and they need to be fitted correctly and properly maintained.  There are three basic types of bike brakes: disc, drum brakes and rim bakes.  Disc brakes are more commonly installed on the wheel center of mountain bikes. Drum brakes are designed to apply pressure outwardly on the wheel.  Rim brakes are designed to apply pressure on the wheel rim.

Drive Train – A drive train system is designed to transmit power from the riders to the drive wheels.  The crank set, as called in the US (or chain set in the UK), is the component that converts the reciprocating motion of the rider’s legs into rotational motion, to move the chain which drives the rear wheel.  The cog set is the set of multiple rear sprockets that attaches to the hub on the rear wheel and works with the rear derailleur to provide multiple gear ratios to the rider.  The cog set comes in two varieties: cassette or freewheel.  An appropriately selected chain and pedals can allow you to pedal faster, switch gears more effectively and smoothly, while transferring much more energy from your pedaling into forward momentum.

Other cycle bike parts to consider include:

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