Archery Supplies

Archery Supplies

Archery Supplies -There are four fundamental types of archery supplies that you will need in order to adopt this sport as a hobby: bows and arrows, sights and scopes, and stabilizers.  Here’s what to look for with these and other archery supplies.

Arrows:  When considering these archery supplies, there are two very important things to take into consideration when choosing an arrow – the stiffness of the shaft and its weight.

Arrow rest:  When considering these archery supplies, there are only two choices – the drop-away rest and the full capture rest.  The drop-away rest employs launcher arms that cradle the arrow.  With these archery supplies, the arms rise up to the proper height when the bow is drawn back and then “drop away” upon release so that they do not come into contact with the fletch and degrade the accuracy of the shot.  With the full-capture rest, these archery supplies use a system that totally surrounds the shaft with a circle of hard bristles so that the arrow cannot fall off.  You then shoot right through these bristles.  These rests work well for those who shoot short to medium distances, though over time the bristles will erode slightly, which will degrade the accuracy of these archery supplies.

Bows:  When considering these archery supplies, the four fundamental types of archery bows are the long bow, recurve bow, compound bow and cross bow.

Bow Sights:  When considering these archery supplies, you should know that all top-quality hunting sights today employ some sort of fiber optic sight pin that makes viewing the pin possible even in dim light, when game is most active.  Most bow hunters use sights with three to five pins that can be set at varying distances.  The key to selecting these archery supplies is to chose a quality hunting sight with a minimal number of screws and/or bolts, a rugged pin guard to protect the fiber optic material, an easy-to-use vertical and horizontal adjustment and with a bubble level.

Bow Strings:  When considering these archery supplies, you should be aware that bow strings must be replaced when they show signs of wear or weakening.  When choosing these archery supplies, the selection of the best bow string is made more difficult due to the number of materials available.  See Bow Strings Post for more information.  Modern bow string material do not stretch and the resulting shock will damage some bows.  Being knowledgeable about your bow will give you a better shot at making the right choice when selecting these archery supplies.

Peep Sight:  When considering these archery supplies, you should know that there are two types of peep sites.  The first uses a piece of rubber tubing that stretches when the bow is drawn, pulling the peep into alignment.  The other uses no tubing, instead relying on the peep being perfectly centered between the bowstring strands when the bow is set up.  When selecting these archery supplies, you will want a peep with an aperture at least quarter-inch in diameter so that the view is bright enough to use when shooting during dawn and dusk.

Stabilizer:  When considering these archery supplies, you should know that stabilizers aid in both balancing the bow and soaking up vibration of the shot, which helps to quiet things down.  Hunting stabilizers can range from as short as 4 inches in length all the way up to a foot long.

Quiver:  When considering these archery supplies, it’s smart to begin with one from your bow’s manufacturer.  If you hunt from a tree stand, you may opt for a detachable quiver.  Many people do it this way, but many more do it using a two-piece quiver and leaving it attached to the bow.

Archery - Kathleen M. Haywood, Ph.D. - PaperbackArchery supplies should do a specific job and they need to be able to take abuse in the field and be built to last for many years.  Whether your archery style is traditional or hunting, competitive or leisure, to achieve your best accuracy, you will need to first understand the primary purpose of your archery and research your needs in order to pick the most appropriate archery supplies.


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