Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow – The bow and arrow are two of the fundamental archery supplies that you will need for this sport.  When selecting a bow and arrow, there are four types of archery bows to consider: long bow, recurve bow, compound bow and crossbow.  Most enthusiasts start with a good quality compound bow and move to the wooden long bow and recurve bow and arrow.  Hunters usually start with a compound bow and then move up to a fiberglass or recurve bow and arrow.

Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak Carbon ArrowsThere are two important factors to consider when selecting an arrow: stiffness of the arrow shaft and its weight.  When using a mechanical release bow, arrow stiffness is not as significant, since there is less flexing involved with their arrows.  Subsequently, you will have a lot more types of arrows to choose from.  However, when using a finger released bow, the stiffness of the shaft becomes a more important factor.  There is an important misconception regarding arrow weight.  Shooting a lighter arrow will increase the arrow speed. however, it can also damage your bow.  The vibrations absorbed by the bow are much stronger with lighter arrows and too much vibration over time can damage your bow.  The Archery Manufacturers Organization recommends an arrow weight of six grains for each pound of your bow’s draw weight.  For example, if your bow has a 70 pound draw weight, you will need an arrow weight of 420 grains (multiply 70 lbs. x 6 grains).  If you want to take the risk of getting a lighter arrow, don’t go below 5 grains per pound of draw weight.

Whether your archery style is traditional or hunting, competitive or leisure, maximize your shot accuracy and subsequent enjoyment of the sport by selecting the appropriate bow and arrow.


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