Compound Bows

Compound Bows

Barnett Vortex Compound Bow Package for Youth
Barnett Vortex Compound Bow Package for Youth
 – These compound bows are adjustable to fit most beginning archers.  Performance and styling equal to that of many adult bows.  Dual cams provide smooth draws with 60 – 70% let-off.  Draw weight of 16 – 45 lbs.  These compound  bows offer 6 inch of adjustable draw length (from 21 inch – 27 inch).  These compound bows package a 3-pin sight, capture-style arrow rest, two-piece 3-arrow quiver, and three arrows.  Packaging serves as a case.   Color: Camo.  Right-hand only.

Bear Apprentice RTH Compound Bow Package - Pink Camo
Bear Apprentice RTH Compound Bow Package – Pink Camo
 – These compound bows are RTH – Ready To Hunt!  These compound bows utilize unique cam system with 13 different draw length positions from 15 inch – 27 inches.  Draw weights are adjustable from 20 – 50 lbs.  Arrow speeds up to 265 fps.  70% let-off dual cam.  Axle-to-axle: 27-1/2”.  These compound bows package a 3-pin sight, 4-arrow quiver, and Whisker Biscuit arrow rest.  Brace height: 6 inch. Weight: 2.9 lbs.  Color: Pink Camo.  Right hand only.

Diamond by Bowtech® Fugitive Right Hand Compound Bow
Diamond by Bowtech® Fugitive Right Hand Compound Bow
 – These compound bows turn the tables on everything you expect from a single-cam bow.  First is a blistering 337 f.p.s.  IBO speed on a 6 1/2″ brace height platform.  It’s R.A.K. (Ready-Aim-Kill) right out of the box and equipped with with four-pin Truglo® Apex sight, Hostage XL arrow rest, Ultra-Lite quiver, 5″ stabilizer, and peep. These compound bows are available in 60 and 70-lb. draw weight, right or left hand. Measures 32″ axle-to-axle.  Brace height is 6 1/2″.  Max. arrow speed: 337 f.p.s. (70-lb. draw).  Adjustable draw from 26-30″, no bow press required.  Kinetic energy: 88.28 ft.-lbs.  Effective let-off: 60%.  Durable, pre-stretched Octane strings.  InVelvet™ protective coating prevents dings and scratches.  Mossy Oak® Treestand camo pattern.  Weighs just 3 lbs., 14 oz.

Martin® Threshold Bow Kit
Martin® Threshold Bow Kit – These compound bows utilize lightweight riser which combine with powerful limbs to create a lethal combo capable of delivering arrows at up to 305 f.p.s.!  These compound bows include a 3-pin fiber-optic sight, MPro single cam with mod pack allows draw length adjustment from 26-31″, full capture Mantis arrow rest, and twist lock 4 arrow quiver. The compound bows are finished in NEXT® G1 camo come in a choice of three different draw weights (30-40 lb., 40-50 lb. or 60-70 lb.). Brace height: 6 9/10″. Full capture Mantis arrow rest.  Axle length: 36 1/4″.  Weighs 4 lbs., 3 oz.

PSE Archery Bow Madness 3G RTS Compound Bow Packages
PSE Archery Bow Madness 3G RTS Compound Bow Package
 – These compound bows are the choice of the team at Drury Outdoors for good reason — these killers are precisely engineered tools that fill the needs of professional hunters, and they’re made in the USA!  PSE has raised the bar again with a low-flex, machined-aluminum riser for consistent accuracy, plus the Madness Pro single-cam that offers 1/2″ draw length adjustments with PSE’s Posi-Lock inner cam AND an optimized draw cycle for a smoother draw and a better feel.  Vibracheck® backstop; patented  split limbs; and B.E.S.T. Raptor grip.  75% let-off.  Axle-to-axle: 33.13″.  IBO speed: 330 fps.  Brace Height: 7″.  Weight: 4.3 lbs.

RedHead Toxik XT Compound Bow Packages
RedHead Toxik XT Compound Bow Package
 – These compound bows have been re-engineered to generate even faster flight—up to 320 fps!—with an effortless draw cycle and a compact, lightweight machined-aluminum riser that handles like a dream at the 3D range or in the tree stand.  These compound bows utilize parallel limb technology which loads the bow with optimum power. It all adds up to a precision hunting machine, at a price that will make you a happy archer. Rotating cam module for no-press draw-length adjustments from 26.5″–30.5″.  80% let-off. Axle-to-axle: 32″.  IBO speed: 320 fps.  Color: Black riser with Realtree APG™ limbs. B race Height: 7″. Weight: 3.8 lbs.  Package includes 3-pin sight, Hostage® capture-style arrow rest, 5-arrow quiver, 5″ stabilizer, and wrist sling.

Quest Bowhunting by G5 Outdoors Primal Compound Bow Package
Quest Bowhunting by G5 Outdoors Primal Compound Bow Package – These compound bows utilize a precision forged machined-aluminum riser engineered for strength and finished with the exclusive GFade™ camo-to-black transition. Machined-aluminum pivoting limb pockets anchor tough 13″ parallel limbs.  The Twin Track SYNC™ modular two-cam system delivers blazing speed. The I-Glide™ cable guard and string suppressor add to the smooth release. Speed Studs™ maximize speed and help with peep alignment. 80% let-off Twin Trac SYNC™ SYNC™ cam.  Axle-to-axle: 32”.  IBO Speed: 330-332 fps.  Brace height: 7-1/8″.  Weight: 3.9 lbs.  Color: Realtree AP™ with GFade finish.  Right-hand only. These compound bows package factory-installed G5 Rock 4-pin sight, G5® MAG-LOC™ 5-arrow quiver, Whisker Biscuit® QS arrow rest, and peep.

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