Long Bow

Long Bow

PSE® Legacy LongbowLong Bow – A long bow, characterized by their D-shaped construction, is typically constructed from one piece of wood and stands about the same height as the archer.  The archer aims the tip of the arrow at the intended target while at full draw.  The long bow has a built-in shelf that takes the place of an arrow rest.

When selecting a long bow, your main consideration will be its primary purpose for using it.  If hunting is your goal, select one with a carrying weight light enough so you will not get tired carrying it through the woods.  If you will be using your long bow primarily for target shooting, a heavier bow may be a better option because the extra weight will help stabilize the weapon as you are shooting.

Determine the right length for the long bow. Ideally, the length should be within three or four inches of your height.  Do not select a bow that is more than six inches longer than you are tall, since this may cause the bottom of the bow to snag on obstacles or uneven ground.

Draw length is measured from your anchor point to the back of your long bow.  When shooting, the belly is facing you and the back is facing away from you.  8 inches is an average draw length.  If you have a longer draw length of 29 – 32 inches, the string angle at full draw on a short bow will pinch your fingers making a smooth release more difficult. If your draw is 29 inches or more, a 60 inch long bow is recommended.

Longer bows tend to be more forgiving, you can flinch a little on release with a 68 inch model and be off target by a couple of inches. Do the same flinch with a 56 inch model and you might be a foot off.  If you don’t practice a lot, a long bow with a greater length may be preferable.

Pick a draw weight that you can shoot comfortably all day.  If you struggle to reach your anchor point, or have shaking arms when you reach your anchor point, you should probably drop down in power on your long bow.

Hardwood Choices:  Top quality woods should be used for all the riser and lamination woods.  There is very little difference in performance between lamination woods.  It’s more of a cosmetic choice for your long bow.

Here are some other long bows to consider.


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