Recurve Bow

Recurve Bow

PSE Archery Mustang Recurve BowRecurve Bow – A recurve bow is characterized by the curved tips that curve away from the archer when the it is unstrung.  This construction and design allows the bow to store more energy that is transferred to the arrow during the shot, resulting in faster arrow flight than a longbow.

In determining the proper length of the recurve bow, you must first identify your draw length.  For the recurve bow, it is the distance from where your arrow is knocked on the string at full draw, to the front of the bow.  You can either measure your arm span in inches from tip of middle finger to tip of middle finger or you can simply use your height instead.  Using the height will not be as accurate, but most people have an arm span approximately equal to their height.  Divide the number by 2.5.  This will enable you to determine the proper length of recurve bow you will need for the best performance.  Choose a recurve bow between 62 and 66 inches in length if your draw length is less than 28 inches.  Select a recurve bow with a length between 66 and 70 inches if your draw length is over 28 inches.  Try several bows within your range of length to see which one feels right to you.

The recurve bow weight corresponds to your personal strength.  Handle a few different bows.  Hold it out with your bow arm for the amount of time it typically takes you to sight in and fire a shot.  If you feel intense arm strain, then the bow is too heavy.  Start with the heaviest bow and work down to the optimal weight for you.  An adult male should have a draw weight between 25 and 50 pounds for recreational or target shooting, and even higher for hunting.

Choose a recurve bow that has features that you will use often . Target recurve bows may or may not have sights installed.  Generally, target shooters rely on sight pins.  Choose one with sights that are easy for you to use, or ask if any other sights can be installed.

Choose a recurve bow with a good comfortable grip.  The grip is where you hold the bow, and also will determine how steadily you can hold it.  Handle several bows to determine your best grip.

The recurve bow has been around for centuries and still remains a popular choice for both target archery and hunting archers even to this day.  A common feeling among archers is that a recurve bow allows you to more easily connect with the essence of archery, rather than getting caught up in the technology.  Thus, it gives you more direct control over the shot and it is often more challenging when using a recurve bow.

Here are additional recurve bows to consider.


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