Hunting Hat

Hunting Hat

ScentBlocker Pro Fleece Camo Watch Cap
Hunting Hat
– A hunting hat is a headgear worn when hunting to protect the eyes, neck, and head from the sun, rain or heat loss in winter.  It is usually made of cotton, polyester, nylon, leather, and suede.  A hunting hat also serves as part of a camouflage.

There are several styles for the hunting hat:

RedHead Weathered Cotton Shapeable Outback Hat for MenAn outback hunting hat is a popular cowboy hat with a wide rim and a stiff lining.  It is usually made of suede and leather and it can adequately block the sun.  However, it can be uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.

RedHead Ripstop Boonie CapA boonie is a military hat with a wide rim.  It is made of soft fabrics such as cotton, canvas, and polyester.  It shields the eyes and hides the face for a good camouflage.

ScentBlocker Bone Collector CapA hunting cap is commonly used in fishing and hunting.  It does not give adequate shade for the neck; however, some designs with neck flaps are available.

Mad Bomber Fur HatA Russian hat is made of fur and wool.  It is used in hunting in the winter and it has ear flaps for protecting the ears from the cold.

Drake Waterfowl Systems Waterproof Boonie HatA fishing hat  has a short brim all around it just enough to block off the sun.


Whether you need a hunting hat or cap in camouflage or blaze orange, for early season or late, there is a wide selection to suit your needs for a hunting hat..

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