Hunting Vest

Hunting Vest

Pella® Bird 'N Lite Advantage Max - 4 Pack VestHunting Vest – The hunting vest comes in different styles and you may need to consider purchasing more than one depending on your type of hunting.  For example, some states require blaze orange clothing for safety while hunting deer or small game and your hunting vest can provide that service.  You may need a separate camouflage hunting vest to wear while waterfowl hunting because those birds have keen eyesight and won’t come within gun range if they see something that looks unnatural.  Some states require a hunter to wear a black tag while hunting game such as deer or elk and certain vests have a built-in tag holder.

Storage is the number one function of a hunting vest because hunting is a gear-intensive sport.  Big dump pockets can hold a box of shotgun shells, a pocketknife, compass, food, rope or any other hunting essentials.  Inside pockets can protect and keep electronics warm, such as your GPS or range-finder.  Diagonal slit pockets are good places to stick your hands to keep them warm and ready to fire.  Small-game vests also usually have a large pocket in the rear that will hold your game for transport after a successful hunt.  Many pockets have built-in shotgun shell holders that hold each shell separately where it is ready for quick access.  Thus, a well-arranged hunting vest becomes an asset that helps you shoot more game.

A hunting vest also keep you warm.  They are the outer layer for cold-weather clothing. The best materials for warmth are goose down or fleece, however, fleece is a better option because it is quieter and less likely to spook game.  Some vests have ample fleece-lined pockets to help warm chilled hands and provide places to store a hat and gloves so you’re always prepared for cold weather.  If the hunting vest has a detachable hood, make sure it’s a three-piece hood which is designed to not obscure your view.

Ol Tom Dura-Lite Time Motion I-Beam Camo Turkey Vests for MenA hunting vest is like a hunter’s toolbox.  It contains all your tools of the trade and can store whatever you pick up along the way.  A hunting vest also offers protection from gun recoil and from the elements, and its visibility can alert other hunters to your presence.  This versatile piece of clothing really is a critical part of any hunter’s equipment.


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