Fishing Tackle Gear

Fishing Tackle Gear

Fishing Tackle Gear– If you planning on purchasing fishing  tackle gear for your next fishing trip, here’s some information to consider when determining what type of fishing tackle gear that you will need.

Sport fishing tackle refers to fishing tackle gear for recreational or sport fishing.  When choosing your fishing tackle gear, you might consider the four main types of fishing rods and fishing reels:

Spincast or closed-faced rods and reels are fishing tackle gear that most beginner or young anglers start with, but most anglers upgrade and move away from as they progress.  The reel has a covering over the spool and the line is fed out of the small hole up in the front.  A trigger is used for the casting.

Shimano Stradic FJ Reel Bass Pro Shops CarbonLite Rod Spinning CombosThe spinning rod and reel has an open-faced reel that hangs below the rod.  The guides on the rod are also facing down.  This kind of spinning rod is very popular fishing gear tackle and it is perfect for general use.  To cast, you “flip the bail” on the reel to disengage the line.

Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite Reel and Micro Guide Trigger Rod Baitcast CombosThe baitcast rod and reel is sort of a hybrid between spin cast and spinning, but they work in a very different way.  A trigger button is used in casting – sort of a similar function to spin cast reel – but the angler has to “thumb the spool,” which essentially means you stop the spin before the bait hits the water.  This fishing tackle gear is good for bass fishing.

White River Fly Shop Hobbs Creek Fly OutfitsThe fly rod and reel is the oldest of the four types of fishing tackle gear tackle.  You can still buy new ones and they are considered new fishing tackle gear, but it’s the older of the four rods and reels.  The method of casting is completely different as the angler uses the weight of the line, along with light lures known as flies.  This fishing tackle gear is one of the best ways to catch salmon and trout.

Terminal tackle refers to all of the other types of fishing tackle gear, most notable are hooks, bobbers or floats, sinkers, snaps, swivels, leaders, bait and lures.  There are many types of artificial and natural baits.  A fishing lure is designed to move and disguise as prey of a fish.  The idea is to catch the attention of fish and getting the fish to bite the hook.  There are many different types of lures, such as jigs, spoon lures, plugs, artificial flies, spinner baits, and swim baits.

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Lowrance Elite-4 Color Fishfinder Chartplotter ComboThere are different types of hooks, reels, baits and lures used for different fish, so make sure you do your research and buy the right fishing tackle gear for the fish that you are targeting.  You may also want to consider a GPS/sonar device to help you locate those fishing hot spots.  When considering portable fishing boats, there several platforms to consider from canoesmotorized kayaksplastic boats to inflatable motor mount boats and pontoon boats.  This way you won’t come up empty-handed or with empty pockets when purchasing your proper fishing tackle gear.


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