Backpacking Equipment

Backpacking Equipment

Backpacking Equipment – Whether you are a novice or avid backpacker planning your next outdoor adventure, you probably realize the importance of having the proper gear.

When selecting the backpacking equipment, let’s start with the backpack.  You’ll need to determine an approximate capacity, and the correct frame sizing and torso fitting for maximum comfort and balance.

If you are trying to select backpacking tents, you will need to decide on the floor area, and the type and durability of the tent.  You will select from tents such as 3 Season, Extended Season, 4 Season and Ultra light tents and backpacking equipment, based on the temperature extremes for your camping locations.

For camping chairs, the key elements for consideration are its comfort and stability.  You will need to choose the materials, dimensions, and suspension for this backpacking equipment.

For camping cots, you will need to determine the proper sizing and portability of this backpacking equipment.

For camping lanterns, you will have a choice of 3 types of lanterns:  fuel, propane, and battery-operated; based on your lighting needs and ways of safe operation for this backpacking equipment.

For camping stoves, your choice will be based on your activities and its ease of use.  There are several types of portable stoves to select from, such as canister stoves, liquid-fuel stoves, alternative fuel stoves, and multi-fuel stoves.

When it comes to sleeping bags, your choice of this backpacking equipment can range from ultra light, lightweight, and doubles; based your needs to balance comfort with minimal weight and most importantly the proper sleeping bag rating.

Don’t neglect your comfort and get a sleeping bag mattress or pad as part of your backpacking equipment.


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