Camping Chair

Camping Chair

Alps Mountaineering® Camo Camp ChairCamping Chair – The key elements when evaluating the comfort of a camping chair is material, dimensions, and suspension.  The most comfortable styles are inflatable like an air mattress. The most typical chairs are made of foam enclosed in nylon and their comfort is proportional to how much foam is used.  Another important factor is the size.  Bigger chairs with taller and wider dimensions are typically comfortable, however, it’s not just about dimensions.  A camping chair that has side straps can compress in your sides to varying degrees based on your size and how you adjusted it.  A big drawback with the typical camping chair is that it sits you directly on the ground which is not ideal if you are on hot pavement, wet grass or another surface where you want some distance between you and the ground.  As an alternative, you may consider a camping chair that puts the suspension underneath you and keeps the sides of the chair from squeezing in on you and unlike most of the other chairs puts you off the ground.

How light and compact a camping chair often dictates how much you will use it.  There are certain applications where having a light and compact chair is essential, such as, sporting events that won’t let you bring in anything that doesn’t fit in a small backpack.  The lighter and more compact a chair is, the easier it is to attach or carry in a backpack.  Another big factor in how often you use a camp chair is how convenient it is to set up.

The stability of the camping chair is another important consideration especially if you need or prefer a configuration that does not take some balancing to both get in and stay upright in your camping chair.


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