Camping Lantern

Camping Lantern

Camping Lantern – There are three choices as to what type camping lantern to choose:

Coleman NorthStar Dual Fuel LanternFuel Lanterns: Fuel Lanterns run on “white gas” (Coleman fuel) which produces a clean, bright light, however, they can be quite noisy.   Choose a “white gas” camping lantern for cold climate camping, it will give off heat as well as bright light.  Fuel lanterns, whether “white gas” or propane lanterns, should not be used in a tent due to their flammable nature.  A liquid fuel camping lantern is a good choice for the avid camper who camps all-year long.

Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern with Soft Carry CasePropane Lanterns: Propane lanterns are considered the most popular lantern due to the screw-on canister.  Like “white gas” lantern, propane lanterns also produce a strong, clean light.  Propane lanterns are easy to use and the propane refills are reasonably priced.  If you use a propane camping stove, then you might want to consider a propane camping lantern.  The same could be said for “white gas” fuel lanterns.  The propane lanterns are less stable in cold weather.  A propane camping lantern is a good choice for someone who camps a few times a year in spring, summer, and fall.

Coleman Twin High Performance LED LanternBattery Operated Lanterns: Battery operated lanterns do not illuminate as well as a fuel or propane camping lantern. Another drawback is battery life.  Battery operated lanterns consume batteries like crazy. Fuel lanterns will last 14 hours on one tank of fuel. A battery operated lantern is the only safe choice to use inside of a tent.  A rechargeable lantern is also available which charges overnight or plugged into a cigarette lighter.

You should also consider a reflector for added illumination and bringing extra mantles on your camping trip. Consider a protective carrying case to protect the glass globe from damage.

Determine your lighting needs and be safe when selecting your camping lantern.


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