Hiking Supplies

Hiking Supplies

Hiking Supplies -Whether you are a novice or avid hiker planning your next nature walk, hiking trip, backpacking or camping adventure, it is very important that you are equipped with the proper hiking supplies for your activity.

When selecting the right type and size hiking footwear, you should take into consideration what activities that you will be performing and its duration. ¬†You may wish to also consider LED headlamps for all types of lighting needs, trekking pole or walking stick for extra stability and your back will thank you, and don’t forget your spotting scope such as binoculars, or night vision devices to extend your visual perceptions.

Don’t forget your basic hiking supplies, like a compass, canteen for drinking water, a first aid kit, GPS device, and your cell phone can also come in handy to help keep you safe or if you get lost or injured.


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