Popup Tents

Popup Tents

Campright® Pop - Up Tent

Popup Tents
These tents are a framework of tubing, fabric and poles already attached together so that it folds into a small space for storage and then increases in size to around 500 times the storage size.  Popup tents are made to be light weight and hand carried and after folding them up you simply slide it into a bag and you are ready to go.

Popup tents are generally made to be hand carried and light weight so they are not available in any of the larger tent sizes.  Most pop up tents are sized at one to three people.  An added option would be flame retardant fabric and UV protection fabric for safety and to help your tent to be more damage resistant in direct sunlight.  Make sure that your pop up tent has plenty of ventilation either from screen windows or a larger front door.  Some popup tents have two doorways for superior ventilation.

The selection of the right materials for the popup tents is very important.  There are several different materials available and depending on what climate and time of year you will be camping, it will help you decide which tent fabric to choose.  Man made fabrics like polyethylene are more waterproof but do not breath and are not very flexible.  This will make it more difficult to fold and store your popup tents.  Nylon and polyester on the other hand are very durable and more flexible but is not naturally waterproof unless water sealant is applied.  Nylon and polyester are also very light, breaths well, and will not rot.  Polyester has an added benefit over nylon in that it is more resistant to sunlight “ultraviolet light” damage.  This will help the popup tents to last longer when exposed frequently to direct sunlight.

After your purchase, it is a good idea to treat them with a waterproofing sealer. Remember to keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible.  It is also important to remember to dry them well before putting it up for storage.  In order to prolong the life expectancy of the popup tents, it only takes a little bit of care to maintain your popup tents.


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